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Toughening and strengthening nano-calcium

Product Model: Toughening and Reinforcing Nano Calcium
Origin: Zhejiang Jiande





Toughening and strengthening nano-calcium



Toughening and strengthening nano-calcium

The original form of the product is monodisperse nano-scale calcium carbonate whiskers (short diameter is about 40 ~ 60nm, long diameter ratio is about 10~15) with regular and uniform aspect ratio. After special surface activation treatment, the product has the characteristics of large specific surface area, high interfacial activity, easy dispersion processing, etc. The configuration is easy to combine with polymer chain segments or fibers in the product to establish a microscopic three-dimensional network structure, so the reinforcement performance is outstanding, it can be used as a functional reinforcing material, which is widely used in the production fields of synthetic rubber, plastic, resin, papermaking, etc., to improve the performance and quality of finished products.

The application to plastics can significantly improve the dimensional stability, impact strength and bending strength of plastics; used in rubber can improve the tear resistance and wear resistance of rubber products, greatly reduce the amount of white carbon black, and save costs; used in papermaking, Can improve the strength, toughness, smoothness and printability of paper. In addition, the product because of its unique geometric configuration and interface state, but also has good adsorption, aroma and slow release performance, so in the fine chemical industry, catalyst synthesis also has application potential.

Test item index average particle size (nm)40-60 aspect ratio 10-15 content> 95
Product Name: Nano calcium carbonate
Product shape: white powder

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