Nano calcium carbonate: wide application of nano calcium carbonate

Plastic, I believe everyone will not feel strange, this is the common material in our lives, in all aspects of food, clothing, housing and travel are distributed. As small as the plastic bags we often use in our lives, as large as our indoor pipes, the raw materials of these products are plastic, and the plastic has a huge impact on our lives from the moment it is produced. In fact, plastics are also graded, and different types of plastics are suitable for different industries, which also results in high-grade and low-grade plastics. Among them, nano-scale calcium carbonate played an important role.


Nanometer Calcium Carbonate is widely used in the plastics industry. Different types of plastics to improve plastic products require different processing methods, among which nano-calcium carbonate, which is the main chemical used in the production of high-grade plastic products, improves the rheological quality of the plastic matrix to improve formability. Nano calcium carbonate used as a reinforcing plastic filler has a toughening effect, improving the bending strength and flexural modulus of the plastic, the thermal deformation temperature and the dimensional stability, while also imparting thermal retardation to the plastic.


Inddition to the application of plastic products, nano calcium carbonate is also used in ink products, which fully reflects the excellent dispersion and excellent transparency and gloss and excellent ink absorption and high drying performance. Nanoscale calcium carbonate, as a filler for resinous inks in inks, has good stability, high gloss, and does not affect the drying properties of printed inks. The excellent performance of nano calcium carbonate can be fully applied.


 Above is Nanometer Calcium Carbonate. The wide range of applications, nano calcium carbonate increasingly plays an important role. From this we can see that, in fact, things are complementary to each other, the emergence of a new product, can not be separated from the pay of another product, these are obvious. With the continuous development of the times, there will certainly be more things to appear in the future, which is inseparable from our growing demand, the continuous progress of science, science to promote the reform of productive forces.

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